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There there   Danna. 26. Mexico. Violin. I love Blur (and I've met them). Music is all I really care about. Daniel Rossen is the main man. The end

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Start Making Sense [ St. Vincent | The Sunday Times // 19 Oct 2014]


Meet Annie Clark, aka St Vincent, a female Bowie or Byrne for the digital age, who’s about to break into the mainstream

By: Louis Wise
Published: 19 October 2014

You can tell a lot about somebody from their couch. Annie Clark, who writes and performs as St Vincent, is no different. She did have a type of settee, but it was no ordinary one; it was something a friend had made for her, a “complete rip-off” of the artist Donald Judd’s day bed — a stylish and angular construction that you won’t find in the DFS sale. So far, so Clark; aesthete to the core. But it had its limitations.

“I loved looking at it. It was gorgeous,” Clark says wistfully. “But my friend isn’t a couch maker, he simply works with wood, and it was The. Most. Uncomfortable. Thing. Ever. So there’s not a proper cushion for it, and it’s hodgepodge, and you’re slipping around, and you can’t even sit upright on it.” She shrugs. “I loved looking at it, but I never sat on it. So I finally got a couch. I screwed that up, too. Story for another time.”

Trust Clark to slip and slide around on an avant-garde sofa; trust her to see sense, and try to normalise, and fail. Hopefully this doesn’t sound too facile, but you could compare her elegant, ambitious, textured rock to her home furnishings. St Vincent’s fourth solo opus, released earlier this year, really is a breakthrough for the Oklahoma-born, Texas-raised 32-year-old: that thrilling point when an avant-garde artist becomes fully accessible. But, endearingly, always on her terms. Sure, as earlier this year, she will perform on Later… with Jools Holland, but she will opt to spend a couple of precious minutes of airtime not singing, but rolling down a big staircase. She’s that kind of rock star.

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Im so tired but I cant sleep and I have a cold and one week ago I saw St Vincent and Damon Albarn 
Ooh and Kashmir a year ago


Im so tired but I cant sleep and I have a cold and one week ago I saw St Vincent and Damon Albarn
Ooh and Kashmir a year ago


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"We make each other alive. Does it matter if it hurts?"
Ingmar Bergman, from a letter to Liv Ullmann  (via memereve)

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Daisy Lowe attends the IWC Gala dinner in honour of the BFI, October 7th.

Daisy Lowe attends the IWC Gala dinner in honour of the BFI, October 7th.

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ummm did i mention i’m seeing Damon Albarn and Annie Clark this weekend

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Tempted in our minds

I do not understand what it is I’ve done wrong

Sad, drunk and poorly

You’ve lost your mind

Work it

Woooooo pretty coool

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I can’t stop laughing at Harry running the fuck awaythe boy who lived ladies and gentlemen.

….You realize, of course, that Hermione Granger lit a teacher on fire when she was eleven, and kept a person alive in a jar for a year when she was fourteen, and studies dark and forbidden magics for kicks, and is one of the brightest and strongest witches of her era. If she came at me, even wandless, I would aparate to Neptune to get away from her.

Hermione Granger also: 

  • punched Draco Malfoy in the nose for being an idiot 
  • purposefully performed a confundus charm on whatshsface WHILE HE WAS FLYING just so Ron would win (omfg that is so fucking dangerous) 
  • literally pulled a fucking Bourne Identity on her parents and managed to set them up in fucking Australia (jesus christ she literally made it so that she NEVER EXISTED wtf that’s so fucking 007)
  • Convinced the Ministry of Magic to give her an incredibly dangerous and volatile device that allowed her to ALTER TIMELINES COMPLETELY (just because she was so smart, literally, that is the reason, her “potential”) 
  • Has enough basic survival skills and badass magic to literally disappear to the middle of nowhere and flourish AND figure out Voldemort’s plot with Harry 
  • Hermione also figures out not only what Voldemort’s plan is, but generally how to beat it, WAY BEFORE VOLDEMORT EVER DOES. Why? because she is just that much smarter and better at magic than everybody else

in conclusion: Voldemort wishes he could be as awesome as Hermione, that’s why he wants to kill her so bad. 

Can we rehave this series with hermione as the protagonist. 

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blanket apology to all the female celebrities i hated as a teenager because i was up to my eyeballs in internalized misogyny

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Is it just me or you don’t really realise how drunk you are until you are in a bathroom alone???



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Limb by limb and tooth by tooth tearing up inside of me

Who’s in a bunker? Who’s in a bunker? Women and children first

Hace tanto que es lo mismo escucharte

A warning sign, I missed the good part, then I realized

I got my head checked by a jumbo jet

JAJAJAJAJAJ IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! Te tocaron dos idiomas, though, pretty cool!

Un abrazote Monseee

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